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    Provide high availability of intelligent network energy solutions to meet the high quality of human energy demand.


    To be the most reliable supplier of intelligent network energy, creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.

    Core Values

    Customer focus, customer demand, customer satisfaction

    Adhere to independent innovation and constantly improve the competitiveness of products

    Adhere to the principle of quality priority and win customers' trust through high quality products

    Adhere to standardization, standardization, streamline operation

    Insist on employee responsibility, initiative and efficient execution

    Respect and trust are our basic tenets

    Personal competence and team work together

    We should follow the principle of good faith to achieve win-win results for shareholders, employees and partners, and positively repay the society

    Business Philosophy

    Market concept: excellence, customer first

    Technical philosophy: market-oriented, technology-driven

    Technical philosophy: market-oriented, technology-driven

    Product concept: quality is the basis

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