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    what does PDU(power distribution unit) stand for?

    PDU is short for power distribution unit. PDUs are, essentially, industrial-grade power strips used (in most cases) to power servers and telecommunications equipment. Often, you will have too many devices on your site and you cannot plug them all directly into a power source. You need a PDU to distribute power from the site to each device. This is possible because the PDU converts one (or several) power inputs into many power outputs.

    What's a PDU(power distribution unit)

    PDUs are available in both AC and DC models. For example, DC power distribution units are designed to provide DC format current used by many rack-mounted devices.

    If you want to have a solution for simplifying critical power distribution,take a look at Cabinet Power Distribution.

    Kstar Cabinet Power Distribution simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.Its unique power monitoring system collects accurate data and with large screen LCD display,  customers can monitor the power supply of each device through the screen. It is ideally suited to provide reliable power to the equipment in data centers of all sizes.

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