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    Domestic contact information
    • Corporate headquarters


      Switchboard:0755-8616 8476

      Zip code:518057

      Fax:0755-8616 8482

    • R & D manufacturing base




    Department Contacts Tel Email
    International business 李彬 0755-21389008分機8365 libin@kstar.com.cn
    Securities 陶晶 0755-86168479 taojing@kstar.com.cn
    Customer service center   400-700-9662 service@kstar.com.cn
    New energy business 林華勇 185 6626 5517 linhy@kstar.com.cn
    Ev charging pile business 孟凡平 181 2880 3699 mengfp@kstar.com.cn
    Domestic data center business 溫方 181 2880 3666 wenfang@kstar.com.cn
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