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    PV Inverter Industry

      Rapid economic development intensified the rapid consumption of fossil energy, mainly including petroleum, natural gas and coal, energy crisis is causing concerns day by day and becomes a common topic for various countries in the world. At the same time, environmental problem caused thereby is becoming more obvious day by day.

        Main developed and developing countries in the world are actively finding a new way to protect the environment and realize sustainable development. China also proposed the objective of achieving non-fossil energy proportion of 15% by 2020 and 20% by 2030, optimizing the energy structure, preferentially accelerating the development of renewable energy power supply and increasing the proportion of nuclear power to over 30% by 2020 and over 40% by 2030. Under the guidance of the development policy of accelerating the power generation with non-fossil energy, wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower, nuclear power and bioenergy will be the key direction of energy development in the future and the proportion of power generation with non-fossil energy will increase.

        As one of clean energy, solar photovoltaic power generation has its unique advantage compared to common new energy such as biomass energy, hydropower and wind energy. Solar energy resource is one of most abundant renewable energy sources. It is internationally recognized as the ideal alternative energy since it is renewable and widely distributed and will not pollute the environment.

        At present, solar energy is mainly used for heating and power generation, especially in terms of power generation, solar energy may be used instead of hydropower and thermal power, become a new green power generation technology and ensure the sustainable energy utilization and development. New energy represented by photovoltaic power generation has played a more and more essential role in the energy system.

      In recent years, China is paying more attention to ecological civilization construction and national energy revolution is carried out smoothly. At this time, photovoltaic industry has a major development opportunity. Inverter industry is closely related to photovoltaic development. The government frequently formulates policies in favor of photovoltaic industry, including a series of policies and measures such as the overall planning direction of clean energy put forward in the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, standardizing photovoltaic development procedure, carrying out photovoltaic poverty alleviation project and promoting distributed demonstration area construction. Through standardizing the market, these favorable policies greatly expand domestic photovoltaic market, set up a large batch of demonstration projects and play an important role in the healthy development of the whole industry.

        The government helps the poverty families to develop roof-mounted photovoltaic system through "Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation" program. Through the "Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation" program, not only the self-use of power by poverty families can be satisfied, but also direct income of power families can be increased. Meanwhile, since rural areas occupy most lands of China, developing distributed photovoltaic industry in rural poverty areas is a strong supplement to photovoltaic power station and urban distributed photovoltaic system. "Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation" provides a new way of poverty alleviation, breaks the "transfusion type" poverty alleviation pattern (changing from single poverty alleviation fund pattern to "hematopoiesis type" poverty alleviation pattern) and plays an exploitation role in the exploration of national poverty alleviation channel.

        Distributed system is the main growth pattern of photovoltaic power generation in the future. Distributed system combines buildings and the production and consumption of energy in-situ, thus it has ahigher energy utilization efficiency. Distributed photovoltaic power generation application is changeable in terms of size, green and safe. The technology is being upgraded continuously and levelized cost of energy is being reduced continuously, therefore, distributed photovoltaic power generation will certainly become the best choice and a new growth pole.

        Kstar is cooperating with industry partners to realize complementary advantages and win-win by establishing "open, cooperative and win-win" intelligent photovoltaic ecosphere so as to help the customers and power stations to increase power generation, reduce operation cost, and maximize the benefits.

        As a leading photovoltaic inverter producer in China--Kstar, we focus on manufacturing better products, practicing the enterprise value of satisfying the customers in a honest and practical attitude and creating clean and efficient green energy together with industry partners.

        Kstar--universal solution, one-stop solution.

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