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  • New PV Project to Bolster KSTAR Focus on Russia

    Kstar, NO.1 smart PV solutions provider in CIS, has provided central solar inverters GSL series for a 30MW ground-mounted PV project in Russia this year, and that greatly supports the energy needs of the local power plant. In recent years, the installation of Kstar PV inverters has already exceeded 500MW in Russia.

    Russia, the world’s largest nation, will use renewables to improve its domestic power supply, especially in remote regions. KSTAR has an operational capacity of 30MW in one of the regions and put into operation project in the district in 2019. The solar power plant,whose inverters are all provided by KSTAR, are connected to the grid network into which the generated clean energy creates a pay-back for the project owner. 

    According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Russia has the potential to almost double its 2030 solar capacity target to 5 GW. Although the nation is not regarded as a country with high solar radiation, but southern regions such as Dagestan and Altai could host large scale PV plants “likely to perform as efficiently as in southern Italy”.

    In order to improve the situation in Russian renewables industry, KSTAR technical team carefully studies working conditions at bad environment to take into account the the main aspect that strongly affect the operational efficiency of a solar power plant. The temperature in Russia is very low and the power plant is situated there.When the power plant meets the snowy and ice weather, KSTAR GSL inverters still perform well and has a long life-time for the customers.

    Apart from being launched in solar power stations in Russia, the powerful  turnkey solution GSL series is also recognized worldwide.The turkey solution( Inverter+MV Transformer+RMU), a most powerful equipment, integrates smart PV technology and modular design for easy maintenance. It is applicable for large-scale utility PV power plants,even in harsh environments. It greatly shortens construction period and saves construction cost as it can be directly installed outdoors. It is higher efficiency, higher reliability and faster installation. Thus KSTAR turkey solution is quite popular among the installers, EPC, developers and other partners.

    “We are devoted to smart PV solutions and maximizing value for many years, and we’ve now demonstrated that the PV projects with our turnkey solution in Europe are very successful . To help more people use clean energy, we are now looking to cooperate with more EPC, landowners, developers, and to win project rights.” The sales director MR. Ye said.

    About KSTAR
    We have more than 3000 employees and 18 overseas branch offices in different countries since 1993.  There are over 600 R&D engineers, the majority of whom have many years talented experience in inverter industry. KSTAR is committed to innovation based on global customer needs. By integrating smart PV technology and innovative design, KSTAR PV Solution is safe, efficient and reliable, easy to install, creating value for customers to achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost. KSTAR is ranked in the TOP 10 according to IHS world inverter shipment. KSTAR is No.1 smart PV solutions provider in CIS.

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