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  • Kstar unveils modular data center solution at MEE2020

    The Kstar team is having a very busy day at the MEE2020 in Dubai, the most important fair in the MEA region. It's the first day of the show and visitors have shown great interest in the new products introduced by the team.

    Kstar team at MEE2020 dubai

    KSTAR Small data center solution IDU, for example,attracted great attention due to its modular design, rapid deployment, energy-saving and intelligent management. The IDU series can be used in the application that the cabinet is within 10 and total load is less than 40kVA. A totally closed isolation scheme of the cold and hot aisle is adopted for the series and it is equipped with the standard emergency fan and photo log function. Unique pop-up door components and rack-type auxiliary fire-fighting components are optional, which improves the operation and maintenance safety of the unit.

    kstar showcase mudular data center IDU at MEE2020

    In accordance with the variety of actual needs, there are three forms of selection: single cabinet series, dual rack series, and multi-cabinet series.

    The wide range of three-phase UPS & grid-tie inverters offered by KSTAR were also very well regarded by visitors.

      Kstar team has a busy day at MEE2020

    Based on unique power unit redundancy design technology,KSTAR three-phase UPS YDC3300 family decrease the abnormity risk of system after single-point failure, which can greatly increase the system reliability and provide pure and uninterrupted power for critical ICT equipment. With higher power density, up to 96% efficiency and a smaller footprint, it takes the leading position in the UPS industry with the same power capacity. And It has power ratings of up to 200 kVA, making it perfect for data centers, industrial facilities, and more.

    According to a report at the Middle East Energy expo in Dubai, investment in renewable energy in the MENA region will top US$35bn per year by the end of 2020. With its reputation at the forefront of energy sector innovation, KSTAR grid-tied inverters are very popular at the show, including 1.5KW-5KW single-phase string inverters, 10KW-50KW three-phase string inverters and 50KW-1260KW three-phase centralized inverters. They have the advantages of high efficiency, reliability, compact design and easy installation. Making them a great choice for solar experts and novices alike.

    kstar showcases grid-tied inverters at MEE2020

    “They are very impressed!” said one of the visitors. In fact, KSTAR has been award the TOP10 Photovoltaic Inverters Supplier &Top 10 Brands of Distributed Photovoltaic Inverters in China for its leading position in quality control and product reliability in the industry.

    Kstar team is introducing products to customers

    ‘We are excited to showcase our industry-leading products and solutions to the audiences around the world and we like to thank all those who visited our booth and were interested in our new products today. We look forward to discussing with more people how our products can help them grow their business at our booth S1.K39 in the next two days” The sales representative concluded.

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